What is fine & ultra fine grinding?
  • Ultra fine grinding is among the most needed and energy consuming widespread operations in many sectors of industry.

  • Ultra fine grinding is reported to consume up to 10% of the global energy consumption, (In US alone, 32 billion kWh/year are spent on ultra fine grinding operations).
    In many enterprises it is accountable to over 30% of the operating cost, So it is natural there are persistent efforts to optimize ultra fine grinding operations.

  • Fine grinding is size reduction process resulting in the range of 50 microns to 20 microns.
    Ultra fine grinding is size reduction process resulting in the range of 20 microns down to one micron.

Why do we need ultra fine grinding?

Product appearance

Depends on surface appearance which is a function of fillers' & pigments' size

Saving materials,

by extending the surface area of the grinded material

Technological process optimization

Extending the cost efficiency ratios

Curative effects Accelerating absorption, lesser side effects, accelerated digestibility
Leads to a variety of effects that critically change properties of many materials, creating the opportunity for re-engineering of existing products and engineering of new products with unprecedented performance levels

Micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS)

Improving performance, reliability, durability
Chemical processes acceleration

Mining & minerals:

Cost effective recovery & grade for targeted minerals & metals
Increased extraction/ improved beneficiation