Cyclotec"s experts since 2003 were developing & testing, Corrosion Resistant coatings for specific needs:

1. Corrosion Resistant coating for marine beacons & marine hydro technical structures
2. Corrosion Resistant coating for railway/subway heavy duty parts

Trial test are performed and till now complying the technical requirements.

Concept & Applications

Since fluorine is the most powerful electro negative charge oxidant, If we create a very thin film coating of such on the surface it will not allow any oxidation or electrochemical process. Of course fluorine is present at bonded condition, so it is completely inert and risk free. Also with (and besides) mentioned above fluorine organic coating application of another technique converting Fe+3 to Fe+2(tri valent iron to bi valent iron), will take place.This technique allows application of coating even on rusted surface (up to 100 micron) without preliminary treatment.

Cyclotec"s Corrosion Resistant coating contains surface active substances function which permits permeability of the corrosive layer on the metal surface for other components of the coating which perform corrosion protective function. So fluorine SAS lowers the surface tension, allowing the components converting Fe+3 to Fe+2 an easier access to surface, then zinc and aluminum salts are applied which provides protective layer of the surface. Formed coating provides complex defense of the surface because of the SAS and because of electrochemical protective defense.

Potential applications:

1. Bridges
2. Subways, railroad
3. Marine & Hydro technical metal structures (ports, piers, damns)-also works at prevention of biological fouling
4. Piping infrastructures
5. Wind mills in severe climate conditions