Cyclotec has a research and development lab facilities specializing in the testing and development of fine powders of mineral & ceramic origin, coatings, and other advanced materials.
Our purpose is to enable technological progress by providing contract research, laboratory testing, and other services to our customers. We pride ourselves on being a source for "Research within Reach". Allow us to be your lab partner for materials development.
We do things that matter. We do not sell our time, we commit ourselves to results!

  • Compressive/flexural strength on mortars & concretes
  • metallography
  • microscopy
  • surface area analysis
  • x-ray diffraction
  • particle size analysis
  • pycnometric density
  • mechanical testing

Tests are performed according to industry standards or procedures you provide.If necessary, we can develop a test protocol for your specific materials.

We use these same capabilities to do non-routine studies and contract research projects for customers as well as for our own internal research.Contract research is the most common arrangement in which we provide assistance.

Cyclotec is best suited to completion of small to medium scale projects. These projects are often initiated because the customer has limited time, staff, equipment, or expertise for completion of the work.

A typical contract research project starts with the signing of a confidentiality agreement.After a review of the project background and goals, Cyclotec adopts the project and then customizes a research plan for it. Next, Cyclotec leverages all of its resources to complete the work in a timely fashion. All of the latest electronic means are used to keep the customer updated and informed on status. All work is done with care and attention to industry standards and recommended practices. Customer-provided procedures and protocols are encouraged and used.

Where the technical work is exploratory, there are ample opportunities for partnering with Cyclotec on open-ended projects, proof-of-concept projects, and verification of techniques and strategies.

Cyclotec can assist with other aspects of the research process by providing design of experiments expertise.

Please visit our download area request analysis, obtain work examples, obtain a copy of our price list, find out about sampling requirements, or to request more information. Lab equipment photos album at Picasa Google