Chemistry Perfluorpolyether
Molecular weight 2,194 g/mol
Density 1,560 kg/m3
Film thickness 40-80 Å
3-5 GPa

Machine Cutting and Tool NanoFilm Technology - Guaranteed to Double Your Tool Life

DoubleLife is an amazing new nanofilm technology that will double your tool life, while reducing friction and wear. DoubleLife is a liquid perfluorpolyether (PFPE) that chemically bonds to the tool surface to improve performance and reduce wear. To use, simple clean and heat the tool, soak in DoubleLife liquid for 20 minutes, and then cure in a 220°F oven for one hour.

In a recent study* by McMaster University (Ontario., Canada) demonstrated that DoubleLife will:

  • Reduce torque by 8%

  • Doubles tool life

  • Reduce the coefficient of friction by 18%

  • Reduces surface energy on tool surface up to 1000 times which facilitates the spreading and retention of additional liquid-based lubricants.

  • Reduces the probability of dry friction conditions


DoubleLife has also been show to:

  • Help prevent electrochemical corrosion such as hydrogen embrittlement by filling and degassing pore and crack space

  • Work well in high temperature environments of 400-450°C (short term temperature max up to 700°C)

  • High load bearing capacity, up to 3,000 MN/m2


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