Cyclotec is a technology and engineering company that develops methods and equipment to enhance the value of energy and building material products.
Our focus is on engineering innovative solutions for materials performance enhancement by methods of Surface Modification by Mechanical and Chemical Activation in many sectors of industry/applications.
We serve minerals, mining and energy industries with cost-effective solutions to convert and extend low energy materials into value-added, green building materials and energy sources. We utilize proprietary milling equipment and methods to chemically and mechanically modify reactivity and surface properties of waste or low value industrial product streams.
Innovations in mechanical & chemical activation, to enhance performance which leads to a variety of effects that critically change properties of many materials, creating the opportunity for re-engineering of existing products and engineering of new products with unprecedented performance levels:
  • Mechanical Activation is achieved by high energy/intensive ultra fine grinding
  • Chemical Activation achieved by stimulating & accelerating chemical reactions during the grinding process